How to Talk to Your Employer About Sponsoring Your YPK Membership


So, you want to join Young Professionals of Knoxville (YPK), or maybe you’re already a member, but do you really have to pay the fees yourself? Maybe not. We all know that YPK is a worthwhile investment, but how do you convince your employer that it’s worth your time and their money?

Here are some tips for talking to your supervisor about paying your YPK dues:

  1. Ask for a meeting. As much as we may wish people could read our minds and know what we want, that’s not how it works; we have to ask for what we want. Ask your boss for a meeting and go in prepared. The worst that can happen is they say “no;” why not try?

  2. Show the Networking Opportunities Provided by YPK. One of the biggest benefits of being a YPK member is the connections you make. Members come from so many fields and organizations that you’re bound to create relationships that are useful to you professionally, relationships you, and your organization, would likely not otherwise have made. These connections are priceless.

  3. Present the Professional Development Benefits of YPK. Whether your boss is invested in your personal growth, or just wants you to be the best employee you can be, pointing out the PD benefits of YPK is a great selling point. YPK offers exclusive PD opportunities like the Leadership course, committee positions,  and more to help you learn continually. There’s always something new and beneficial to learn in the business/professional world!

  4. Explain the Impact of Community Service with YPK. Fostering a commitment to service in our community is so important. Through these service opportunities, you’ll be able to make even more connections, as well as make an impact in our community. Nothing but good comes from serving; it aids someone in need, reflects well on you and your company, and likely helps you learn something new!

  5. Quantify the Value of YPK. For less than $17 per month in your first year, you’ll receive all the benefits of YPK membership (less than $9 per month in consecutive years). This includes membership to the Alliance for Better Nonprofits ($100+), exclusive professionals development events ($250), marketing for your company ($300- Your organization can promote special events through YPK twice per year, plus members can post to the job board), and more! The benefits of YPK far outweigh the cost; make sure your boss knows this! See all the benefits here.

  6. Get Creative. Think of ways to compromise with your boss. Offer to pay part of the fees yourself. Show your supervisor that you’re willing to do what it takes to be involved with YPK, and they’ll likely respect that.

Approach your employer with confidence and be prepared to argue your case. Chances are they’ll appreciate your boldness and want to invest in you.

Special thanks to Ellie Kittrell at The Muse Knoxville for talking with us about this topic and providing her perspective as a supportive employer.