Meet YPK's At-large Board Members


Kelsie Crittendon, At-large

As well as serving as a board member for YPK, she is President of Knoxville Community Rotaract Club. Being a Knoxville transplant, Kelsie is a true wanderluster and exploring new places is always at the top of her list. She is a dog mom of two, a cat mom of one and loves being involved in her community.

What has been your favorite experience with YPK?

My favorite experience with YPK has been being awarded the inaugural Member of the Year at last year’s Impact Awards. I love YPK and to know that my peers within the organization have recognized that makes me feel like I am doing something right. YPK has impacted my life so much since moving here, both personally and professionally and I hope to leave a positive mark on it as well.

What do you love about Knoxville?

Being a transplant, I instantly fell in love with Knoxville. I am a country girl at heart so the southern charm appealed to me instantly. I can go downtown and be right in the middle of everything but on the weekends I can escape to the lake and curvy backroads blasting country music.

What one thing folks would be surprised to know about you?

When I moved to Knoxville, I didn’t know anyone. I hadn’t even officially met my new boss yet face to face, just through Skype. I moved here for a promotion I was given with the March of Dimes and it was the best decision I have ever made. I truly feel at home in Knoxville. I joined YPK instantly and it made my transition into my new life so easy.


Tyger Glauser, At-large

Tyger Glauser serves on the YPK Board as an At-Large member with a focus on the Impact Awards. She works at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, as the Manager of Special Events and University Protocol. Tyger also volunteers with various Dogwood Arts events and committees and loves planning events for fun in her free time.

How do you think Young Professionals of Knoxville contributes to our community?

Our goal is to develop the future leaders of Knoxville. We want young professionals to come to Knoxville and stay. YPK continuously plans new events and initiatives to contribute to the community. Every event is intentional; from hosting socials and membership meetings around town to showcase the vibrant spaces Knoxville has to offer, to hosting behind-the-scenes tours of prominent local businesses, to volunteering in the community; YPK does it all to showcase what Knoxville has to offer.

Who is a leader you admire?

President Barack and Mrs. Michelle Obama are two leaders I greatly admire for their grace, passion, wisdom, strength, charisma, and for always knowing how to have a little fun too! Can you imagine going to a dinner party at their house?!

When you're not at work where can people find you?

At home hanging out with my dog Leif, cat Tinkerbell, and human Dustin. You might also find us heading to a show or festival downtown!