Become a YPK Contributor!

Young Professionals of Knoxville is currently seeking YPK Contributors.

What is a YPK Contributor? Someone who produces content for Young Professionals of Knoxville (blogging, taking photos, etc.). Do you have a story to share? Have a skill you’re looking to develop? We want to hear from you!

Why Become a YPK Contributor?

  • Exposure - Young Professionals of Knoxville reaches an audience of 20,000 young professionals each month through, social media, and email and text communication. It’s an opportunity to have your message heard, extend your brand, and help thousands of young professionals.

  • Experience – being a YPK Contributor will give you an opportunity to gain experience with little risk or work.

  • Backstage pass – those who contribute regularly will have opportunities to interview, network, and interact with regional leaders as well as other exclusive opportunities.


You’re a photographer. You want to get your name out there so you agree to take photos at a YPK Happy Hour. We post the photos on social media and and include them in the newsletter. People see how awesome the Happy Hour photos are and now they want their own awesome photos!

You own a small business. You’re an expert in your field and have advice that would benefit young professionals. You write up a blog post, submit it to YPK, and voilà – you’ve gained exposure for you and your company.

…the possibilities are endless!

Recent Examples:

Fine Print: This is a volunteer-only opportunity. All content will go through an approval process before being posted, and YPK reserves the right to edit, shorten, or reject any content. Content must be consistent with the Young Professionals of Knoxville brand (read more about YPK here).

I’m in! What’s Next?

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