Member Directory

On July 1, 2018, Young Professionals of Knoxville (YPK) will launch a member directory at exclusively for YPK members. In addition to being highly visual and interactive, the new directory will have a powerful search feature allowing members to search over 200 member profiles by name, position, company, and even interests. 

YPK Members - now is the perfect time to update your YPK Member Account at You can personalize your profile with as much or as little information as you would like or opt out of being in the directory completely. Members' directory profiles consist of six components:

  • Contact Information – think of this like your virtual business card. By default, your name, email address, street address, and phone number are included in the member directory. You may want to change your address on file to your business address or opt out of showing your phone number and street address. You can choose your preference by going to the profile tab of your YPK Member Account.

  • Profile Description – long-form description of you. Similar to an about section on LinkedIn or Facebook. This is a place to share whatever you want YPK members to know about you!

  • Current Image - the first thing someone will see about you in the directory: usually a headshot. Typically, business cards won’t show up well as the current image (but they look great in the profile gallery!).

  • Short Description your tagline; the first thing you want people to know about you! Along with your current image, this is one of the first things someone will see about you in the directory.

  • Profile Gallery – a great place add additional information about you such as examples of past work, a business card, images of things you're passionate about, etc. Please note: all files in the profile gallery must be image files (e.g., JPEG, PNG).

  • Social Links – you have the option to include links to your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A tutorial is available at to go over some important features of your YPK Account. Questions? Please contact us a