Apply to the Young Professionals of Knoxville Leadership Certificate Program

YPK invites you to apply for the Leadership Certificate Class of 2019! Applications are due February 28, 2019. If you have questions, email Kelsie Chinn.


The Knoxville Young Professionals Leadership Certificate is a leadership development program that provides up-and-coming leaders the opportunity to develop strengths and acquire the resources necessary to engage in their community. During the eight-week program, participants will learn how to set and achieve personal/professional goals, discuss leadership and what qualities make a good leader, and discover their gifts and talents, and how to apply them at work and in the community. Learn more about the program here!


All applicants must:

  • Be a member of Young Professionals of Knoxville

  • Possess high standards of personal integrity

  • Agree to Leadership Certificate Program time commitment (March–May, each Tuesday night)

  • Use his or her developing leadership skills and knowledge for the long-term benefit of the community. 


Program participants are expected to attend all sessions. Although exceptions (if urgent) can be made for participants to miss one session. The program is eight weeks, beginning with a kick-off and ending with graduation. The kick-off and closing sessions are not mandatory but highly encouraged. YPK Leadership Certificate participants will be informed March 8 of their acceptance into the program. The program will begin in March and run eight consecutive weeks. Kickoff will be held March 19. Classes will be held from 5:45-8:15 p.m. each Tuesday from March 26 through April 30 and Graduation will take place May 7. 


Tuition for the Leadership Certificate is $100. The participant and/or employer/sponsor will be expected to pay tuition before the first session in March. Tuition covers all program costs, including food and materials. Tuition is non-refundable in whole or part if the participant fails to complete the program. Limited scholarships are available where need is adequately demonstrated. Candidates interested in applying for financial assistance should submit a one-page document stating the amount requested and the reason for the request. Submit requests with your application via e-mail to Kelsie Chinn. All scholarship requests will remain confidential.


  • Information contained in this application determines whether you will be selected for the program. Answer questions thoroughly, completely and sincerely.

  • Highlight what unique professional and personal experiences and perspectives you bring to the group.

  • Past community service or volunteerism is considered, however, a desire to deepen future involvement is very important.

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