Why YPK? Reflections by Lindsey Clark

We asked YPK's Vice President, Lindsey Clark, to share her YPK story. 

I could never begin to fully express what YPK has done for me during my three years of membership. As a Knoxville-area native who moved away for college, I came back home knowing few people my age and trying to figure out the direction I wanted to go in my professional career.

Over the past few years, I have met some of the very best friends; like-minded individuals who help me see my potential, inspire me to give more to my community, and fill my nights and weekends with fun and laughter. My friends in this organization are truly transforming Knoxville through their professional and personal endeavors, and I am fortunate to go on their journey with them and help as I am able.

In addition to comradery, the friends I’ve made in YPK have helped me grow into a self-sufficient young adult. I work with a fellow YPK member who is a financial advisor, and he has helped me develop a strategy for life-long, worry-free savings. Last spring, another YPK friend served as my realtor to buy my very first house. I met my chiropractor through YPK, as an a formerly injured collegiate athlete she has helped me get back to the sport I love and take better care of my health.

On a professional side, YPK opened my eyes to the many professional opportunities available to me in Knoxville. I have met individuals in all types of professional roles, and learned about companies I never knew existed. Through my connections in YPK, I have been able to propel my career, joining a tremendous company in 2015 that has afforded me opportunities I would have never imagined would be available to a 20-something in Knoxville.

As anything, you get out of YPK what you put in. I was determined to make new friends and advance my career, so I dove into my membership head first and never looked back. By showing up and getting involved, I completely changed my life in a few short years. YPK has been instrumental in my life, and it can be for yours as well if you put yourself out there.